Reevaluating Jedd Fisch

Dec 04, 2013 -- 8:07am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

Four weeks ago myself and others in the media, and probably thousands of Jaguars fans in the area, were asking who from the coaching staff would be fired. We knew Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell were safe. But other than the head coach and general manager, whose head would be on the chopping block? Would the team not only purge the roster at the end of the season, but also slash the coaching staff?
Nothing was working, the team was 0-8, just obliterated by the 49ers and everyone seemed to have quit, the coaching staff as well.
When Gus Bradley was hired and came to Jacksonville, I initially thought he would bring in Darrell Bevell, the offensive coordinator of the Seahawks. But Bradley had other ideas and brought in Jedd Fisch, a man who had ties to Seattle as the quarterbacks coach in 2010 and was the offensive coordinator with the Miami Hurricanes before making Jacksonville his home.
Admittedly, the offense has gotten better in the last few weeks. While it is not “fixed” as yet, Fisch may be on to something with the Jaguars, a team that has gotten better the past month and has not played with its best player - Justin Blackmon - in that same time frame. Blackmon is one of the those players the team could use right now as a scoring threat, but the team will have to make a decision when he is allowed to be reinstated by the NFL.
Right now Fisch is a manager of an offense that, like a little child, is learning to swim in the deep end of the pool. Fundamentals are key so this team does not drown. So far, Fisch and his staff are keeping the team afloat.
Fisch’s offense is predicated on short passes and using the pass to set up the run. But in the last few weeks, which coincide with winning, we see how quarterback Chad Henne can effectively move the offense and use the tight ends more effectively and take advantage of Maurice Jones-Drew’s running and receiving out of the backfield.
It’s working and now Fisch, should the team win another game or two (I say five altogether) he will be seen as a bright spot. What a difference a month makes.
Who knows - with Henne or another quarterback behind center - and full complement of receivers (should Blackmon remain with the franchise) Fisch could be one of the better “free agent” signings from this season.

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