By Any Criteria, Jameis Winston Deserves the Heisman

Dec 06, 2013 -- 2:12pm

By: Alex Turko (@aturko_23)

            The Florida State football team left for Charlotte, North Carolina Thursday night to prepare for the ACC title game against Duke (10-2).  This is the final obstacle of the season to close out a record setting year and the last chance for a team to end the Noles national championship run.  Yet, the #1 ranking, the Duke Blue Devils, or the ACC title game in general don’t hold a candle to the real headliner. 

            Jameis Winston found out Thursday that he would not be charged in a sexual assault case that has loomed over his head like a rain cloud for the past month.  Winston later said in a press conference that he was “excited to get back to helping the team.”  Wait, when did he stop helping the team?  In fact, he hasn’t shown one side effect of this legal case and has led the Seminoles to three straight wins since the case broke publically.

            This legal case was dropped just in time for Heisman voters to make their final decision.  The ballots are due on the 9th and now that the dust has settled with this case, how can you not vote for Jameis Winston? 

            Do you want to vote on charisma?  Okay, he has plenty of that as he is regularly seen joking with the other players on the team, or the first to give his defensive teammates a high-five when they come off of the field.  Do you want to vote on leadership?  That’s fine too because how often do you see an entire team look up to a redshirt freshman?  Winston demands perfection from himself and his teammates, but is the first to pick up his teammates after they falter.  Do you want to vote on performance?  That would be preferred as he is 1st in the country in passing efficiency, 3rd in passing touchdowns, 11th in passing yards, and most importantly undefeated. 

            All of those statistics are ones that cannot be matched by his Heisman competition (mainly Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron).  Not only is he the only undefeated quarterback of these three headliners, but his statistics should have an asterisk next to them since he has only played through the 4th quarter in three games this entire season (Boston College, Clemson, Miami).  Just imagine how lopsided these statistics would be if Winston played all four quarters in every game of the season!    

            Take your pick on how the Heisman voters should determine who to vote for, and Winston takes the cake in every argument.  If the Noles and Winston should get past Duke, there will be no questions on who will be holding up the bronze trophy in New York December 14th.  

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