The Road to Repeat

Apr 03, 2014 -- 3:31pm

Alex Turko (@aturko_23)

            There are so many things that Bobby Bowden accomplished during his time at Florida State, most of which will never be done again in Tallahassee.  Most onlookers immediately point to the untouchable statistics from the “Glory Days,” like finishing in the top-five for fourteen consecutive seasons, or the 382 “W’s” crammed into the win column next to his name.  As impressive as those streaks are, I would argue that the two shining national championship rings that jewel his masterful hands are by far the most impressive feat from his days as the Seminoles head coach. 

            One thing Bowden was never able to achieve in his two lone opportunities was to become a back-to-back national champion.  To his defense, not many coaches have had that chance; shoot, not many coaches get one title under their belt for that matter.  Enter Jimbo Fisher.  Fisher leads the Seminoles into the 2014 season as the defending national champions with arguably the most talent-laden roster in the country.  Bowden’s successor has brought this program back to greatness in four short years, and is in a great position to keep the Noles at the pinnacle of college football.       

            One week of spring practice is now in the books, the rust should be shaking off as this team looks to bring back the hardware once more.  In the first year of the college football playoffs, the Seminoles have anted-up their schedule in order to become more appealing to the selection committee come early December.  With the Seminoles hosting Florida, Clemson and Notre Dame, the entire nation will have plenty of chances to watch the defending champions battle some of college football’s most prestigious programs. 

            Jimbo Fisher and his team will be faced with the pressure and expectations of perfection, and they should be.  Although the Noles will be replacing ten starters across the field, they remain the number one ranked team in every preseason poll and return the Heisman trophy winning quarterback, Jameis Winston.  Pressure should not be a factor for the Winston-lead Seminoles as he has shown that at big moments he can make big time plays.  Whether it is a game winning touchdown pass in the Rose Bowl, or a fastball on the diamond, Winston is never intimidated. 

            Fisher has a difficult journey ahead of him before he can be mentioned in the same conversation as Bowden in terms of success, but becoming a back-to-back champion might just put him at the top.  The fans, players, and coaches feel the pressure and there is no more time to celebrate because the road to a repeat has begun.  

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