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Wake up each morning with Jeff Prosser, Dan Hicken and "Balls" Davis on "The Drill"  

Prosser ranting on racoons, Hicken's contacts inside the Jags, Robo-Tiger, Tony Bosselli, "Afternoon Delight," "Excuse the Nusance," "Shop Talk" and all you Googans have made "The Drill" the destination for morning sports talk on the First Coast.

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"Downtime with Dan" April 24th: At Philly, at Washington, the Colts at home and at San Diego – that’s a West Coast trip.  Thanks NFL.  Look, they’re all tough, it’s the NFL so there’s no whining here , don’t need any cheese for the wine.  The Jags will take them one at a time, they’ll get through it, they’ll battle, they’re all right, but golly it gets tough at times when the league never seems to smile down here on one of the corner cities of this great country of ours.  Help the Jags out NFL.  Help us out a little bit, huh?  Let us have a home opener against the Browns or even the Dolphins.  Why not?  Instead of at Philly, at Washington at San Diego to start, and end to: on the road at Baltimore, at Houston.  It’s all right, it’s all right – we’ll show ‘ya!

Downtime with Dan April 23rd: As we creep closer and closer to the NFL Draft there is a bit of news and that is simply this.  It seems like most clubs who are putting together their boards now have identified who the top 5 is and in that top 5 there doesn't seem to be a quarterback.  So now the question becomes which team in the top 5 jumps from it's value board and goes qb?  Will Houston take Bortles?  Will Jacksonville take a quarterback, or Cleveland?  I don't think so, we've been saying all along the Jags are not go quarterback at 3.  But they are gonna get a heck of a football player.  Be it Khalil Mack, Sammy Watkins, draft night is gonna be fun.