2021 Santa Lamm


Time flies. Another Christmas is around the corner and that means another Santa Lamm shopping spree. Incredibly, this is the 19th year the David Lamm Foundation will take about 300 needy children, ages 3-13, Christmas shopping so they can enjoy the wonders of the holiday.


We work with various agencies, schools and churches to identify the children we help.  We also put a heavy emphasis on military families, a small way of saying thanks to the men and women who serve our country and protect our way of life.  If you know of any individual families who need our help, please send their names, ages and contact information to the Foundation at davidl@1010xl.com.


In order to ensure the success of this event we need your help.  Any and all donations are welcome and very much appreciated.  Each child is given a tax-free, $75 gift card and allowed to shop for themselves at the Regency Super Walmart on December 18.  Registration begins at 8 a.m.  and closes at 10 a.m. The children must attend and be accompanied by a preregistered adult (parent, guardian or organization representative).


Please send donations to the David Lamm Foundation, 5430 Whitney Street, Jacksonville 32277. All donations are tax deductible. The earlier we receive your donations, the earlier we can determine exactly how many children we can help. We are proud to say more than 99 cents of every dollar you donate goes to the children. We are an all-volunteer organization.



All Covid protocols in place by Walmart will be enforced.


Thanks again.


David Lamm, President

Alex Lamm, Vice President

Lynn Poyner, Secretary

Paige Lamm, Treasurer