2022 Santa Lamm


I started Santa Lamm on a whim. Incredibly, that was 20 years.


I never imagined what would happen, but from the beginning, your generosity overwhelmed me. Thank you. And on our 20th anniversary Santa Lamm Shopping Spree for kids 3-13, I once seek your support.


The Lamm Foundation’s one purpose is to make the Santa experience fun for underprivileged kids who otherwise wouldn’t enjoy the wonders provided by Saint Nick. Each child gets a $100, tax-free gift card from Walmart and gets to shop for themselves (with the help of parents and volunteers, of course).


This year’s event is Dec. 17 at the Regency Super Walmart. Registration¬†is from 8-10 a.m. and every child must be accompanied by preregistered parent or guardian.


We work with various agencies, schools and churches to identify our kids. We put a heavy emphasis on military families. It’s our way of thanking the men and women who serve our country and protect our way of life. If you know any families who need our help, send their names, ages and contact information to [email protected].


All donations are tax-deductible. Please send your donation as early as possible to the David Lamm Foundation at 5430 Whitley St., Jacksonville 32277. Any and all donations are appreciated.


The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. I’m thrilled to announce my son Tom and his spouse Dede have joined our core group, which includes son Alex and his wife Paige. They run the show. Santa Lamm needs all the helpers he can get, getting old.


Merry Christmas, ho ho ho


David Lamm, President

Alex Lamm, Vice President

Paige Lamm, Secretary

Tom Lamm, chief volunteer

Dede Welch