120 Years of the MLB World Series: A Look Back & Ahead

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120 Years of the MLB World Series: A Look Back & Ahead

Baseball has been one of America’s favorite sports for as long as many can remember. Of course, given that the World Series will be played for the 120th time this season, it is not hard to see why the game has become a staple of American culture.

MLB baseball has continued to evolve and develop in the years that it has been played, with the sport continuing to attract new audiences and players with each passing season. Nonetheless, it is always important to remember the routes of the sport and the very first time that the World Series was played.

1903 World Series

The first World Series to have ever taken place was back in 1903 when the Pittsburgh Pirates took on the Boston Americans in a version of the modern contest that we have known to come and love today.

The Pirates were representing the National League as they finished the best team of that conference and made it to the final game, while the Americans – who happen to be the Boston Red Sox now – were the first World Series representatives of the American League.

The Americans would run out as the maiden winners of this concept, as they would take a five-three victory over Pittsburgh in a series that was contested over a best-of-nine format. It was back-and-forth between the two teams in the first four games as the series was tied 2-2; the Pirates would win Games 1 and 3, while the Americans would take Games 2 and 4. However, the Americans would then charge on as they took Games 5, 6, 7, and 8 to win the 1903 World Series.

Cy Young and Bill Dinneen were among the standout pitchers of the series, as both played vital roles for the Americans. They both managed to play complete games throughout the contest, which helped Boston obtain honors.

Paved the Way for the Modern World Series

The 1903 World Series had managed to attract significant crowds to both, the Huntington Avenue Grounds (Boston) and Exposition Park (Pittsburgh) throughout the series, with thousands of people attending each game. Exposition Park had seen numbers greater than the stadium could handle, as there was a huge overflow of fans.

The interest that was generated then has only continued to explode in recent years. This is evident as the game is now played every year and attracts viewers in incredible numbers. Many watch on TV as they are unable to tickets to one of the games in the series that is played because of the demand. Some have even enhanced their experiences of the MLB’s finale by placing sports bets on the event when it takes place and even prior to the campaign starting.

Top sport betting online platforms favor the Houston Astros (+600) and Atlanta Braves (+750) as possible contenders for the 2023 World Series, followed closely by the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees at +800.

However, with baseball an ultra-competitive sport and one that features quality players across all of the league’s 30 franchises across the US and Canada, there is plenty that can happen, which is another reason why so many like to place bets on the action that unfolds on the mound and at the plate.

How Many People Will Watch the 2023 World Series?

While it is impossible to try and speculate about the physical attendance that can be expected, there is no doubt that there will be a seat left available by the time the 2023 World Series comes around in October and throughout November 2023. This is because it will depend on the two teams that contest it.

Nonetheless, there is likely to be a huge TV audience that will take in every pitch and watch every home run that is scored. The 2022 edition managed to draw in as many as 12 million viewers on FOX and across the broadcaster’s network. It was, though, the second-lowest total to have been recorded despite strong viewing figures having been recorded throughout the postseason.

It will be interesting to see if the figures continue to dwindle or if there will be more excitement around this year’s event; the 120th in history!

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