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LAMM AT LARGE: Jimbo Vs. Nick

todayMay 23, 2022

You had to know this was coming. The day the government allowed college athletic programs use the NIL — name, image, likeness — the accusations would fly like bullets at a shooting range.
Typical of the government and the NCAA, few regulations were established on who and for how much could be paid to use a player’s NIL. Over night some 5-star recruits literally became millionaires before ever stepping on campus.
So how did this lackluster program sign Golden Arm Joe over Alabama or Georgia?
The bombs thrown by Alabama’s Nick Saban at Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher were just the first. Like the cannon balls hurled at Fort Sumter that started the Civil War, this
war of finger pointing knows no limits and will shake up college athletics like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Written by: 1010admin

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