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LAMM AT LARGE: New low for UF-FSU rivalry

todayNovember 24, 2021


I imagine ESPN would like a do-over on scheduling Florida-Florida State on its major network for a high noon shootout.

Who other than Gators and Seminoles will watch a game between two teams with sub-.500 records, one with an interim coach? I realize over the last 40 years this game has usually had national championship or major bowl implications.

But that was then and this now. The Seminoles are fighting their way out of a deep hole and the Gators are falling down the rabbit hole.

Only a bottom-tier bowl game is at stake and why should either school care? Both will likely spend more money on travel, lodging and food than they get as a payout.

Here’s why: a bowl game means 15 more days of practice. It’s like having two spring practices. FSU’s Mike Norvell gets extra work for his young players. The new  Gator coach will get his first opportunity to see what he’s got.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Written by: 1010admin

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