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The MLB All-Star Game is no more than an exhibition

todayJuly 11, 2023


When I was growing up baseball was the king of pro sports, our national pastime. The All-Star Game was huge, bigger than the Super Bowl.


Now the All-Star Game is no more than an exhibition. Pitchers go one inning, maybe two. Managers make sure that every player gets in the game, paying little attention to winning or losing.


Once the Game put significant money in the players’ pockets. Now even the last man on every roster makes nearly $1 million.  The Game puts change in their pockets.


For years I never missed the All-Star Game. Now I don’t remember watching the Game.


The lack of interest in the Game is revealed every year by the players who back out of playing. Some have “real” injuries; others come up with an ache here and there. They’d rather have a three- or four-day break.


No more great plays that go down in baseball history. I remember Ted Williams winning a game with a walk-off homer. Peter Rose colliding into Ray Fosse at the plate, ending Fosse’s career.


I miss those days.

Written by: 1010admin

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