Dr. Yass With Matt Hayes

Dr. Yass With Matt Hayes


Join host Matt Hayes with Dr. Mitchell Yass for the Pain-Free Living show on Sundays 10a-11a [thru Sept 3rd].  The show is designed for anybody who is interested in trying an alternative to the medical establishment. They will have guests on to discuss their transformation from living with pain/frustration/anxiety/hopelessness/suicidal thoughts while being treated for their chronic pain by the medical establishment for months or years to living pain-free and fully functional with the Yass Method.

There will be a live call-in element, to allow people living with chronic pain to get a direct answer why after months or years of various treatments, they are still in pain… and what steps can be taken to end the pain and reclaim their lives. People have right be live pain-free and if you can’t get the answers how to accomplish this from the medical establishment — you have every right to look elsewhere and that is the purpose of this show.

If you want to watch the show being performed live you can go to YouTube and watch on the 1010XL channel for streaming video as the guys use visuals for people to understand what is actually occurring in their bodies creating their pain and dysfunction, and how easy it is to resolve it with the Yass Method.

If you are suffering with chronic pain, please listen or watch this show… The answer to reclaiming your life is literally a moment away.