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Southern pride has taken a gut punch

todayJanuary 10, 2024


Southern pride has taken a gut punch. Nowhere in the country is college football more highly revered than in the South. The largest stadiums and the most loyal fans fill those venues on autumn Saturdays below the Mason-Dixie line.


Did you know 17 of the last 21 national champions have come from the SEC and ACC?


So what is Michigan doing wearing the crown this year? And the Wolverines beat a Pacific Coast team, Washington, to earn it.


This isn’t a knock on either team. Both were excellent. The Wolverines were maulers.


Still, perhaps because of my Southern pride, I’ll go to my grave (I hope not soon) believing Georgia would defeat both. Alabama might have been the second-best team I saw.


 For the record, the experts have those Southern giants the favorites to win the title next season.

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