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Urban Meyer faces credibility crisis as Jaguars coach – and he knows it

todayOctober 4, 2021


By Hays Carlyon


Jaguars owner Shad Khan might have bought his biggest lemon yet in coach Urban Meyer.

Not because the team is 0-4, although that is certainly disappointing.

Meyer showed a stunning lack of judgment following Thursday night’s 24-21 loss at Cincinnati. He was caught on video in a precarious situation with a young woman at a bar in Columbus, Ohio.

This is a 57-year-old man who has been involved in multiple controversies in what has been an incredibly successful collegiate coaching career. How could he allow this to happen?

Meyer apologized for his behavior on Monday during a press conference.

“I just apologized to the team and staff for being a distraction,” Meyer said. “Just stupid. I explained what happened and owned it. Stupid. I shouldn’t have myself in that kind of position. People were trying to pull me out of the dance floor, screwing around. I should have left.”

Meyer was asked if he is concerned about his ability to lead this team moving forward.

“I am concerned about that,” Meyer said.

We are too, Urban.

We are too.

The video on social media was an indictment on Meyer’s common sense, but that is his personal business.

The video isn’t the most concerning part of this mess from a football standpoint.

The man didn’t fly home with his team! Meyer said he stayed behind to be with his family.

Are you kidding me?

Khan should be infuriated. Hey, Urban, when the entire team is on a plane, you are still on the clock.

There are many reasons why Meyer needs to be on that plane coming back with his team.

What if there is an altercation on the flight?

What if there is a medical emergency involving a player or staff member?

What if a player or coach wants to have a conversation in private once the plane lands?

What makes it more galling are the reasons I can’t think of. The nature of crisis is unpredictability.

You’re the leader of this organization. You can’t abandon that, even for a few hours on a late-night flight to Jacksonville. You arrive in Jacksonville, see your team off and then fly back to Ohio.

Would a player be allowed to ditch the charter flight back to Jacksonville to get a jumpstart on his vacation? Of course not.

“A coach should not be a distraction,” Meyer said.

Meyer comes off as a prima donna who thinks he is too big to fly back with his winless team after another loss.

Give me a break.

Why would any player buy into Meyer’s program if his time is more valuable than theirs?

Meyer said he spoke to Khan and that Khan was very supportive.

I feel bad for Khan.

Meyer was his biggest investment yet in terms of Jaguars talent. So far, he’s getting nothing out of his investment but losing, abdication and embarrassment.


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Written by: Taylor Doll

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