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Urban Meyer would be a home run hire for Shad Khan, Jaguars

todayJanuary 3, 2021


By: Hays Carlyon

Don’t overthink this.

If Jaguars owner Shad Khan can persuade Urban Meyer to accept control of the football program as coach, be happy.

Actually, be elated. Be euphoric.

These are the established elite coaches in the sport: Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, Meyer, Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh. That’s the list.

That’s the kind of elite coach Khan will have landed. An elite coach will be wearing your logo, leading your team.

I’m still tempering my excitement, because I still wonder if Meyer will really sign on to coach again. But if he does, there’s no debating what a spectacular move it would be for the Jaguars.

Khan would also deserve credit for investing the kind of money it will take to lure Meyer back to the business. I would guess that Meyer’s contract will be seven years, $77 million. Heck, Carolina gave Matt Rhule a seven-year, $60-million deal and he won nothing of consequence at Baylor compared to Meyer. Since Meyer will be the top decision maker over his hand-picked general manager, this contract would be in line with what elite coaches with control earn.

Meyer would be unlike any coach the Jaguars have ever hired. He’s won big: three national championships big.

Meyer won 85 percent of his games in college. He was 12-3 in bowl games. In addition to his national title wins, he has won two Fiesta and Sugar Bowls apiece, and has victories in the Rose and Cotton.

I know Meyer is the ultimate mercenary.

Good, this team loved each other and lost 15 straight to close the season. I’ve seen talented Jaguars teams that were hard to manage and lousy Jaguars teams that played for each other. I’ll take the talent – and Meyer will find and attract it.

I know Meyer is the Phil Jackson of football: taking over talent-laden teams at Florida and Ohio State.

Good. He’s only taking a job where he knows he can win big right away.

Doesn’t that excite you that Meyer believes this is that destination? He knows the edge presumed No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence will give him. He knows about the draft capital and salary-cap space.

I realize Meyer might not be here a decade. His Florida tenure lasted six years. He coached seven seasons with the Buckeyes.

Fine. You think I care if Meyer leaves in six seasons if he’s delivered 60 wins, a bunch of playoff appearances and perhaps a Super Bowl?

We’ve never had it good for long here.

I just want to have it good again. If it’s fleeting, so be it.

Here’s what I don’t want: another failed administration.

There’s little chance Meyer fails.

His work ethic and attention to detail are superb.

He knows how to manage a game and get his best players the ball.

He’s a brilliant motivator because he understands the mind the way few coaches can.

The transition from college to the NFL has never been easier. Heck, Kliff Kingsbury is doing it in Arizona.

Meyer will be a star in the NFL, just like he was in college.

He might not be likable.

However, he’ll win.

Hire him, Shad.

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