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Shad, you can’t possibly retain Trent Baalke as Jaguars GM

todayJanuary 2, 2022


By Hays Carlyon


I can’t believe I actually have to write this.

Shad, you can’t retain Trent Baalke as general manager.

I can’t believe that would even be a consideration.

I was flabbergasted when I saw the report last week from NFL.com that you are keeping Baalke.

I’m fearful, Shad.

The Jaguars faithful has put up with a ton of on-field futility in your decade of ownership.

But you’ve always seemed to care about winning.

You spend on free agency. You upgrade facilities.

So, they’ve stuck with you.

I’m fearful you are about to lose too many of them with this decision.

Baalke was a bad general manager in San Francisco who never would’ve returned to the league if you hadn’t hired him to work under former general manager Dave Caldwell.

Baalke has an awful reputation that is well documented. Whenever you do fire him, that will be the last of Baalke in the NFL.

Look what he’s had a hand in this season, Shad.

Your team lost 50-10 on Sunday at New England. At one point it was 50-3.

The Jaguars are 2-15 with an eight-game losing streak after having Trevor Lawrence fall into your lap with the top pick in the draft.

The team Baalke helped construct isn’t remotely competitive.

In the first three quarters of the games this season, the Jaguars have been outscored 361-151. That means on average that the Jaguars enter the fourth quarter down 13 points in every game in a league begging for parity.

The Jaguars have been outscored by 219 points overall. Last season’s 1-15 team was outscored by 186.

The Jaguars have yet to score 24 or more points in a game this season. There are 14 teams in the NFL that average 25 points a game or more. That means your team, Shad, has yet to do something that average offenses basically accomplish every week.

No one of consequence in the football operation can return after a debacle like this.

You are daring a loyal, passionate and long-suffering fan base to finally tune you out.

The risk of suffocating apathy is at an all-time high.

No one will believe in your new head coach if Baalke had anything to do with him coming here.

You’re going to have to move some things around on your schedule and actually hire a general manager.

You can’t leave this rebuild up to Baalke.

Seeing you being mocked all week on social media pains me, Shad. As a Jacksonville native, I know how lucky we are to have the Jaguars. I know you’ve stabilized the team here and everyone who cares about the franchise should be thankful to you for that gift.

You might not realize it, but you’ve got a crisis on your hands. Retaining Baalke will alienate a fan base that has stuck with you through your dismal 43-120 record as owner.

You need a fresh vision with a new head coach and general manager. You need to pray the fans believe in this vision.

You can’t keep Trent Baalke.

I can’t believe I actually have to write this.


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