The Popularity of Sports Betting in Casinos

todayDecember 20, 2023


The Popularity of Sports Betting in Casinos


The growth of sports is a major factor driving people into sports betting. The law allows online casino sites and land-based facilities to operate.  Their desire to bet is driven by profits or enjoyment. The number of people actively in sports betting currently is over 24 million. Casinos use different methods to expand the market. Reports show the expansion rate is currently at 42%. Different reasons make sports betting in the country popular.






Current statistics on sports betting numbers


Choices for wagering facilities differ among gamblers. Many of those who do sports betting do it online. Some people however choose to visit physical spots. Those who choose the second option do so because they want to use other betting options such as slot machine games. They may visit physical casinos because they want to join friends to enhance the experience. The number of people who choose apps was 10.1% in 2023. Throughout the year about 20.3% of the population participated in sports betting.


Players have the freedom to visit a casino online. If they are not comfortable, they can visit a land-based facility and bet. The players need to know the incentives offered by the site or facility. It lets them leverage the opportunities to gain more. A casino review is useful, especially for beginners, therefore PlaySafeCasino experts provide a review of Bizzo Casino to benefit users. On Bizzo, the minimum deposit is just C$1 and also offers up to 150 free spins which makes it a good choice among Canadian casinos. A review from a trusted source is of great advantage when you are looking for a place for gambling. In this regard too, it has a rating of 9.5/10. So play freely and enjoy the spins you get as a welcome bonus.


The spread of sports betting


Approximately 16 million Canadians enjoy betting on sports at the moment. The percentage of bettors has increased significantly from 7.8% in 2018 to 20.3% in 2022. Approximately 64% of adults opened an account at a casino portal and placed a sports wager, according to Statista data. While some of them bet more than once, the majority just made one stake. With a notable 150% increase in popularity over the last five years, sports betting is becoming more and more popular, especially after the single-game betting legalization.



Sports betting generates higher income


The sector brought in nearly $1.5 billion in the 2021/22 financial year. Traditional casino games recorded returns but sports betting performance was impressive. The outcome was due to the boost from the large number of active bettors exceeding 900 thousand this year. They spent an extra $84 on average this year in sports bets compared to last year. This trend seems not to change in the coming year and up to 2031. The youth is more into sports betting now than in the past. The number of women bettors is also on the rise combined with a friendly environment.


More favored sports attract more bettors


Casino video games were added to online casinos recently. They generate higher income compared to sports betting but the latter is rising strongly. Sports that tend to be favored also tend to attract more bettors. The following sports, however, seem to be popular.


Reasons for sports betting choice


The government made sports betting legal and empowered the provinces to create rules that favored them. This window in law enlarged the doors of sports betting. Law also helped pave the way for new providers such as PlayOJO casino. It allowed the providers to expand advertisements which brought in more bettors on board. The betting network touches every corner of the country and is available across different devices.






Baseball’s best players such as Cory Joseph and Jamal came from Canada. They helped raise the national team Toronto Raptors to the NBA. Additionally, they helped attract more fans and wagering on basketball. The country’s position at the global level has made the sport popular across all demographics. People visit legal casinos to bet for their teams and many of them win.




The number of people who watch soccer has grown in multiples. Nearly 2.8 million play in local teams hoping to reach the professional level. They attract big crowds and today, approximately 6 million people wager on soccer. This number could grow to double in the next 3 years.




Canada is a hockey country due to the extreme weather conditions in the north which helps avail ice. Reports show nearly 22% of people in the country play hockey. They engage in different versions of the game including ice hockey. Due to the large population that plays the game, more people are attracted to betting for their teams.




The spread of casinos and sports betting sites has helped the sector to grow. More than 42% of the population has access to a casino website or an app. The laws give freedom allowing investors to invest in betting sites and the public to wager on different sports. Their preference for sports might change but the sector is generating more income than ever. Experts forecast sports betting will continue to grow at a higher rate year to year up to 2030.


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