How will Monaco vs Reims repeat match turn out?

todayDecember 9, 2021


Description: Monaco vs Reims prediction may not be hard to make given that the teams are far apart in the Ligue 1 table, however, we may be surprised by the turn of events given the teams’ history.

In their first match in the Ligue 1 2021/2022 season, Monaco and Reims finished the match with a barren draw. Those who had predicted as per this outcome were smiling at the bank as instant withdrawal betting sites availed their winning cash within a short time. Bettors are encouraged to use instant withdrawal betting sites as they will get their money instantly without having to wait over a long period as is the case with some bookmakers.

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The second meeting this season

Moving back to Monaco vs Reims prediction, the teams will be meeting for the second match on 27th February 2022 and one question those who got the first prediction right are asking is whether it will be a repeat of the November 11th match? One Monaco vs Reims prediction had it that Monaco will carry the day, winning the match by three goals to one.

This prediction based its argument on the fact that Reims had lost one of their best players to their opponent. This was not to be as each team proved to be strong, ending the match with a barren draw, an outcome that not many had anticipated. With the turn of events in the first match, many are cautious; they do not want to make the same mistake twice.

Perhaps to have a better understanding and ultimately get right Monaco vs Reims prediction it would help to look at the history of the two clubs. Reliable football predictions look at all the aspects of the clubs and matches to arrive at a credible outcome. As per the history of the two clubs, Monaco and Reims have come a long way in the French football arena.

The two teams have been around for the last nine decades with Monaco being the oldest having been established 98 years ago while Reims has been around for 90 years. Both teams have been very instrumental information of the national teams with Reims producing a significant number of players which have seen the French national team reach finals of the various international tournaments.

Monaco too has performed well in various tournaments; it is an eight-time Ligue 1 winner, a feat that has made the team emerge as one of the top clubs not just in France but also in Europe. The club has also performed well in the European leagues, having been the runners-up in the UEFA cup and champion league.

Right soccer prediction

To make the right soccer prediction, one should not just look at the history of the club, the current performance plays a crucial role in predicting what may happen in future matches. For us to get Monaco vs Reims prediction right we need to consider how the two clubs have been performing in their recent matches as well as their current form.

It is worth noting that Monaco has won the league on several occasions but the most notable win is 2017 where the team went undefeated in 20 games and won in 18 of these matches. They may not have a repeat of this success but they are likely to put up a spirited fight despite their challenges.

Last season, they finished the league in the third position where they garnered seventy-eight points having won their 24 matches. With a sixty-three percentage win in their matches, one would expect that the team will perform better this year, although we cannot judge the team’s performance in the current year purely based on its previous success story.

Given this background what should we expect from Monaco vs Reims next meet? First, looking at the Ligue 1 table, where Monaco is currently placed at position 7 and Reims is seven places behind. Having played 17 games, Monaco has won 7 matches, drew 5, and lost five. The team has scored 20 goals and conceded 7 goals so far. On the other hand, Reims has won 4 matches, drew 7, and lost 6.

They have so far scored 19 but have lost 21 goals. So, going by these statistics, one would out rightly make the football prediction in favor of Monaco. This is what most bettors had predicted in the first match but the outcome was different. While one cannot bank on the outcome of the first match to predict with certainty, there is a high likelihood that the 27th February Monaco vs Reims match may give different results. Secondly, those rooting for a Monaco win may have forgotten that underdogs at times surprise all when they put up a spirited fight to win the match and with a huge margin.

This is one of the soccer predictions challenges, where things turn out differently from what everyone expected. Riems may surprise all when they beat Monaco in the repeat match given that they have won previous matches in the past.

While Monaco vs Reims match is weeks away, the soccer prediction outcome may not be different from their current positions. We expect Monaco to carry the day but with a narrow win. We also need to prepare for a draw since the two teams have a history of finishing the match without touching each other’s goals. While waiting for this match, bettors need to register with instant withdrawal betting sites so that in case they bet right they can get their winning right away.

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