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LAMM AT LARGE: College sports is just pro sports lite

Isn't it interesting that you don't hear college athletic administrators poor-mouthing any more about not being able to pay their athletes at least a small stipend? The fact that athletes can now be paid for their names and likeness took care of that. And the fact that schools are handing out multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts to coaches as if they're grocery shopping makes it clear they've been lying about their  […]

todayDecember 2, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Tiger Woods comeback incredibly unlikely

Let's pump the brakes about Tiger Woods returning to the PGA Tour. The golf world is all atwitter after Tiger made an appearance and spoke at length prior to this week's Hero Challenge in the Bahamas. He did look great considering it was only nine months ago he suffered severe injuries to his legs and one ankle and foot. And I know Tiger has made spectacular comebacks before. But he's […]

todayDecember 1, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Tall order for Billy Napier at Florida

Why would Billy Napier take the Florida football job? Doesn't he know Gainesville is where coaches go to bury their careers? Doesn't he know Georgia and Alabama aren't planning to bolt from the SEC to join the Sun Belt Conference. Or the ACC, for that matter. Doesn't he know 10 victories aren't enough? Doesn't he know success is winning the SEC and at least playing for the national championship? Doesn't […]

todayNovember 30, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: New low for UF-FSU rivalry

I imagine ESPN would like a do-over on scheduling Florida-Florida State on its major network for a high noon shootout. Who other than Gators and Seminoles will watch a game between two teams with sub-.500 records, one with an interim coach? I realize over the last 40 years this game has usually had national championship or major bowl implications. But that was then and this now. The Seminoles are fighting […]

todayNovember 24, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Mullen had run his course at UF

The way I see it, everybody is happy about the firing of Dan Mullen.   Mullen seemed ready to end his run as the Gators coach based off his strange and confusing comments, always delivered with a bit of a smirk. He didn't seemed concerned about his collapsing program. Maybe reports of his wanting an NFL job are true.   Gator Nation appeared ready for a divorce after last season's […]

todayNovember 23, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Lexi Thompson’ yips should be bigger story

If the LPGA had a higher profile, Lexi Thompson's story would be the lead on Sports Center. (That used to be like being at the top of the front sports page.)   She has the yips. A bad, continuing case of the yips.   What makes her story intriguing is she remains one of the top players in women's golf, contending most weeks  She blew a 5-shot lead on the […]

todayNovember 18, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Gators should fire Dan Mullen NOW

The Gators should fire Dan Mullen, and do it now.   This isn't some knee jerk reaction. I've seldom called for the firing of coaches. The exceptions are Charley Pell at Florida when it was obvious he had committed dozens of NCAA violations and Jim McElwain when his mental health became an issue.   I never thought Ray Goff was a good hire by Georgia. Defended the Jaguars' Jack Del […]

todayNovember 17, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: Longing for the good ol’ 90’s

Remember the good old days for most First Coast football fans?   I'm talking about the 90s when FSU and Florida (also Miami, for that matter) were among college football's top programs. When they weren't winning national championships, they always seemed to be playing for them. They were scoring 50 points a game before everybody was scoring 50.   The expansion Jaguars hit the NFL like a juggernaut. They went […]

todayNovember 16, 2021

Lamm at Large

LAMM AT LARGE: College playoff still flawed system

The College Football Playoff was designed to determine a true national champion.   It doesn't, of course.   There's still lots of opinions involved. Tell Cincinnati or Oklahoma they don't belong in the top four.   No team sport determines a true champion. The only sport that comes close is golf, but even golf now has a 'postseason".   There are two seasons in sports: the regular season  and the […]

todayNovember 11, 2021