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Hosted by Jeff Lageman, Capt. Kevin Faver & Capt. Kirk Waltz

Saturday, 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest talk about hunting, fishing, food, and fun for the First Coast, look no further. Sit in with outdoor enthusiasts Jeff Lageman, Kevin Faver and Captain Kirk Waltz every Saturday morning for the ultimate collection of great stories, entertaining callers and insightful guests.

The Outdoors Show crew

Capt. Kevin Faver

Captain Kevin Faver is a 4th generation native Floridian, a resident of St. Augustine who has been a licensed charter Captain since the age of 18. He started hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather at the age of five, and learned from one of the best captains around, Captain Mike Scanlan. Mike taught Kevin not only how to be a better fisherman but how to be a top-notch charter Captain. Captain Kevin is an expert tarpon, cobia, kingfish, and shark fisherman, along with redfish, trout, flounder and many other species that like to get caught (or not). In the late 90’s, Captain Kevin launched The Outdoors Show with Jeff Lageman and Captain Kirk Waltz, and still hosts that program along with Fishing Forecast.

Capt. Kirk Waltz

Captain Kirk is a U.S. Coast Guard certified charter captain with over 22 years’ experience. He was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. As a young boy, his father took him fishing at every opportunity he could on the backwaters of the Edisto, Ashley, Cooper, and Kiawah Rivers exploring the many waterways of the backcountry. Hours were also spent combing the big lakes Moultrie and Marion too near Columbia, South Carolina. After attending college in Cocoa Beach, Captain Kirk moved to Jacksonville Beach in the early 80s. He has expert knowledge of the inshore and offshore areas around Jacksonville, stretching from St. Augustine to Amelia Island.