Jeff Lageman

Jeff Lageman


The Outdoors Show


Hosted by Jeff Lageman, Capt. Kevin Faver & Capt. Kirk Waltz Saturday, 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM If you’re looking for the latest and greatest talk about hunting, fishing, food, and fun for the First Coast, look no further. Sit in with outdoor enthusiasts Jeff Lageman, Kevin Faver and Captain Kirk Waltz every Saturday morning for the ultimate collection of great stories, entertaining callers and insightful guests. Facebook Twitter

Jeff Lageman holds an impressive resume in both the world of professional sports and radio and television broadcasting. After playing for the University of Virginia Cavaliers, Lageman was signed as a defensive end by the New York Jets of the NFL in 1989, eventually becoming an All-Pro. He later joined the Jacksonville Jaguars for his last three seasons, retiring in 1998 due to injury. Jeff is recognized for his acclaimed on-field performance, recording a total of 47 career quarterback sacks. Following his NFL career, Jeff, an avid fisherman, hunter and outdoorsman launched the radio show, The Outdoors Show. He also began doing color analyst work for Fox television and later joined the Jaguars Radio Network in the same role. Today, he continues in these roles while also serving as in-season co-host of the Jaguars This Week and Jaguars Happy Hour radio shows, and the weekly television program, Jaguars All Access.

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