Whether it’s Worth Dropping Out of College for Professional Sports

todayNovember 9, 2021


To be called a professional sportsman has its list of advantages due to the many benefits the sports person gets. First, they become famous globally and their bank accounts become loaded with a lot of money. Before a sports person rises to the level of being called a professional, they dedicate a lot of time to practice.


The biggest challenge that faces young sportspeople is when they have to decide whether to continue with college or drop out in favor of professional sports. It’s not easy to juggle between class lessons and maintain training demands. This is the time when a student must ask themselves the hardest questions. If you find yourself torn between pursuing a professional sports career and continuing your college education, rest assured that cheap writing services can provide the support you need to manage your academic responsibilities while chasing your athletic dreams.

Are there sports professionals who dropped out of college and succeeded before?


In this era, when more types of professional sports like the popular esports games are becoming more lucrative, more students are likely to be attracted by the money and fame to a level where they abandon college. This would be okay but history always teaches something new to help the current generation make better decisions.


The truth is, many professional sportspeople left college before and succeeded. You can do the same and succeed but it’s also good you find out if they had any regrets later in life. A good example is Tiger Woods, the world’s renowned professional golfer. He was studying at Stanford but dropped out to pursue golf as a career. He was young then and rose to an astonishingly high level of success and fame.


The professional is now 45 years old but when he was 42 years old, Charlie Rose interviewed him and asked him if he had any regrets in life. He said he regretted dropping out of Stanford for golfing. According to him, it would have served him better if he still pursued golfing and education simultaneously.


If you are a talented athlete in college, you play an important role in your team but you still need to work on your academic performance. Many rewarding sports opportunities will come your way but if you don’t find a balance between student life and sports, you might have something to regret later in life. If you are struggling to combine study and sports, you can get help with capstone projects if necessary. Seek help with Capstone project by Edubirdie, where experienced capstone writers will write your project. Getting help from a writing service is the best way to seek academic help while you work on your professional sports.


What are the pros of leaving or staying on in college?


Yes, there are many advantages you get from leaving school for professional sports. You start to earn good money when you are young and build your wealth earlier than most of your age mates. You can start a family early and have grown-up kids by the time you hit 45 years old.


You don’t get stressed by homework and other assignments at a time when you are required to be in the field practicing and probably you might study later in life if the chance allows. There are advantages too that you get by staying on in college.


You might only rise to fame in your youth and after you attain 35 years old, most sportspeople retire because age is catching up. If you stay in school, you will have a secure future because you have a degree and can seek employment elsewhere. You will grow in knowledge which can be helpful in your life as a professional sportsperson. As much as you are gifted physically, you need to balance between physical ability and intelligence, which is enhanced more through education.

Has anyone stayed on before and made it to balance between college and sports?


Yes, many other sportspeople continued in professional sports while in college until they graduated. Tiger woods dropped out, but there was another person in the same field who continued.


Blair Bursey joined professional golfing when he was still a student and despite the demands for practice and fame, he stayed on in college until graduation. This is just an example from the golfing field but more examples prove it’s possible to balance education and professional sports without compromising one for the other.




It’s not easy to play the role of a professional sportsperson and that of a student simultaneously. Many students left school in favor of professional sports and succeeded. Most of them, however, regretted later in life because of the lost education opportunity. Others stayed on and balanced education and sports and still succeeded. You might have thoughts that you will join college later in life but it’s much easier to continue with education when you are young than later.


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