4 Teams Who Could Go Far In The Playoffs

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4 Teams Who Could Go Far In The Playoffs


NBA is one of the most popular sports not just in America, but all over the world. And as we head into spring, many of us will be beginning to think about the playoffs, and who is going to be crowned NBA champion for 2023. But before we can get to that, the season will wrap up and some of the top teams will make it through to take their chance at bringing home the title. Below, we’ll take a look at 4 teams who could go far in the playoffs this year to help you get a better idea of what you should be expecting.

How do NBA playoffs work?

So before we dive into the top 4 teams we think could go far in the playoffs, it helps to know more about how the playoffs work. The playoffs take place to determine the champion of the NBA for the 2023 season. It consists of 16 teams, 8 of which play in the Eastern Conference, and 8 of which play in the Western Conference. The top 8 teams of each are then ranked and each playoff is best of 7, which means the first team to win 4 games advances to the next round. The Conference quarterfinals see the 1st seed up against the 8th, the 2nd against the 7th and so on. This then progresses to the semi-finals and the conference finals, where the teams will play a best of 7 to determine the champion.

Top 4 teams that could go far in the playoffs

With the playoffs only a month away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about which team might come out on top. Below, we’ll take a look at 4 teams that may do well in the playoffs and who could even land themselves in the final this year.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks currently sit at the top of the Eastern conference. The Milwaukee side has won a total of 47 games out of 65 played, which is the highest number of wins in the league. They also have lost just 18 games, taking their Pct up to .723. But that’s not the only impressive figure that this team have produced this season. The Bucks maintained a winning streak of 16 games until they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers at home at the Fiserv Forum. The win was marginal at just 3 points, which shows the quality of basketball which The Bucks are playing this season.

Boston Celtics

Hot on the Milwaukee Bucks’ tail is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are sitting in 2nd place, just below the Bucks in the Eastern Conference. They’re only two wins behind the Bucks on 45, with 21 losses in 66 games. The team’s Pct is just a fraction below the Bucks at .682, which could stand them in a good position when it comes to performing well in the playoffs. However, the Celtics are currently on a three-game losing streak, dropping points to the Cavaliers, Knicks, and Nets in previous games. Can the side currently at the top of the Atlantic standing hold on to make an impact in the playoffs next month?

Denver Nuggets

Onto the western conference where the leaders – the Denver Nuggets – look to be making an impact on the run-up to the end of the season. They’re head and shoulders above the team on their tail, the Sacramento Kings, with 46 wins and only 19 losses this season. They’re currently boasting a winning streak of 4 games, and a Pct .708, their previous streak of 4 games was only broken by one loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. It goes without saying that if the Nuggets keep this up, they’ll be in with a chance of storming the playoffs without too much trouble. However, there are a few injuries to the team that might make a difference in the coming weeks with Collin Gillespie, Michael Porter, and Viatko Cancar currently being evaluated to see whether they’ll be fit for the next match.

Golden State Warriors

They’re the team that won the championship last year – but could they be in with a shot of taking home the title again in 2023? The Golden State Warriors are currently sitting at 6th in the western conference, neck in neck with the Dallas Mavericks who are on the same number of wins, losses, and even Pct. However, The Warriors are currently on a losing streak of two in comparison to the winning streak of the Mavericks, which could see them pull ahead of the San Francisco side. If the Golden State Warriors can hold on until the start of April, they may be in with a chance of recreating their prestigious win in the style of last year – but with them hanging on in 6th place, it could just as easily slip away from them.

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