A Look at the NFL Star Players at Week 9

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A Look at the NFL Star Players at Week 9

The NFL has no shortage of talent – and that’s evident in the action-packed adventure each team offers week by week. Moreover, Week 9 has seen its fair share of wildcard players, ranging from offensive and defensive rookies to offensive and defensive players.


To make it easier, here is a list of the players who excelled during Week 9 of the NFL games. Since reading and updating your favorite picks can be complex, with plenty of players to choose from, below is a guide to help you lighten such load. Thus, keep on reading and take a look at the Week 9’s wildcard players:

Offensive Rookies

Don’t let the term ‘rookie’ deceive you, as these players have big and flashy plays on the offense. Moreover, they have potential and grit to accompany their skills – making them a firecracker waiting to rise in the NFL bets in the upcoming weeks. For offensive rookies of Week 9, you’ll see Texans QB Stroud and Rams Wide Receiver Nacua:

●       Texans Quarterback, C.J. Stroud

It’s inevitable for the Texans Quarterback to make it on the list. C.J. Stroud has been stealing the limelight by setting new records in the NFL. Recently, he set the single-game passing record with 470 yards, becoming the second rookie to do so and securing a win against the Buccaneers.


On top of that, Stroud is also executing with powerhouses in his team, but he still manages to throw 14 touchdown passes in one pick. With this, he is averaging more than 8 air yards per throw, a feat that places the Texans offense at a high advantage.

●       Falcons Running Back, Bijan Robinson

Throughout four games of the week, Bijan Robinson was nothing short of a generational running back. Although he had a few setbacks with a mysterious illness during the start of the season, he has bounced back and played 106 rush yards over expectation (RYOE) in his first 103 attempts.

Defensive Rookies

With defensive rookies, you have Seahawks’ Cornerback Witherspoon and Eagles’ Defensive Tackle Carter. These two players have already started with a packed résumé during college football – which soon piled up to include merits once they entered the big leagues.

●       Seahawks Cornerback, Devon Witherspoon

After missing Week 1 due to an injury, Seahawks Cornerback Witherspoon has been on his opponent’s back after his return – and there’s no sign of stopping him. On November 2, the Cornerback was named ESPN’s Mid Season Defensive Rookie for October.


Here, ESPN writer Bill Barnwell states that Witherspoon’s versatility is the main reason he’s at the top of the defensive rookies. If Devon Witherspoon continues his winning streak, he may win and hoist the actual Defensive Rookie trophy at the end of the season.

●       Eagles Defensive Tackle, Jalen Carter

Throughout the eight games, Defensive Tackle Jalen Carter was what the Philadelphia Eagles could have hoped for and more. In Week 9, Carter became better with his ability to dominate games. Considering that Fletcher Cox is close to the end of his football career, the addition of Carter to the roster gives the Eagles another wildcard on their defensive line.

Offensive Players

Some two-star players reap in yards and touchdowns that speak for themselves. Moreover, there are plenty of offensive players in the NFL, but those that stick out are Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson and Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts:

●       Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson isn’t a newbie regarding passes, as he leads the league with a 71.5% completion rate. Also, he has an average of 10.2 yards per throw-off, and he dominates defenses in the intermediate zone. As a runner, he also tops all quarterbacks with a 48.9 average. When discussing an all-rounder firecracker, you’d have Lamar Jackson at the top of your list.

●       Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts

Although Jalen Hurts suffered a hit to his knee last November 6, the fourth-year star returned to the lineup after the break – and looked fearless. The Eagles Quarterback remains one of the league’s most accurate players, having a 68.9% completion rate. Moreover, he earned himself a reputation for damaging teams outside the pocket.

Defensive Players

It’s hard to choose the best defensive players – especially with Ravens DT Madubuike, who is dominating games, or Giants’ Lawrence, who is doing nose tackles. Nonetheless, there are always players who stand out among the rest – and in Week 9, that goes to Myles Garrett and Maxx Crosby:

●       Browns Edge, Myles Garrett

You’d have to give Myles Garrett the award for pass-rushing production per snap. After the November 6 clash with the Cardinals, Browns Garrett earned himself 9.5 sacks on 188 pass-rush opportunities, marking his name as one of the best defensive players. Moreover, they ended the game with a 27-0 score, playing like they were on fire.

●       Raiders Edge, Maxx Crosby

Although the Raiders have had a tough run, watching their games becomes worthwhile with Maxx Crosby on the roster. Every week, Crosby is unblockable. He holds the NFL in his hands with 40 pressures, serving as the only pass-rusher when there was nobody else.

Final Thoughts

Out of the 272 games, you’re still halfway through the regular season. Likewise, nothing is set in stone in the NFL, so it’s best to be updated, especially when the upcoming matches are done. Nonetheless, you’ve earned yourself a quick introduction to the top players of Week 9 through this side.


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