Chad Muma: New Rookie of the Jacksonville Jaguars

todayNovember 29, 2022


Twenty-three-year-old Chad Muma is the new rookie of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He made his first start ever against the Ravens on Sunday, November 27, 2022. So far, he has already gotten 14 tackles total in other games against the Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, and Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

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He’s Going Strong Even With Type 1 Diabetes

While Chad Muma was number 70 in the second round of the NFL 2022 Draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars, another rookie on his team, Devin Lloyd was the 27th overall pick. Lloyd is the current linebacker in the starting lineup for the Jaguars.


Muma has shown continual improvement in his performance when sent onto the field as a backup linebacker. Hence, the team is giving him a chance to be the starting linebacker for this Sunday’s game against the Raiders, which puts Devin Lloyd out of the starting lineup like usual.


Experts believe that Muma may eventually substitute Lloyd for the starting linebacker position because Lloyd has been having trouble leading the role accordingly since the beginning of the NFL 2022 season. However, nothing has been officially announced as to whether that will happen for sure or not.


Even though Lloyd was designated as the Rookie of the Month back in September because of preventing four passes, doing a total of 24 tackles, and doing two pass interceptions, it has gone downhill from there. He has not been able to keep up with his prior performance in

October and November because he missed a couple of games and had a benching incident during the recent game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Humble With Great Potential

Chad Muma is a humble player with great potential to propel the Jacksonville Jaguars to further success during the NFL 2022 season. He acknowledged in a recent interview that college football and professional football are two entirely different entities. While he had a great representation in college, he has a clean slate of reputation to build up now as a professional player.


Muma understands that making a mistake as a rookie may happen. However, he knows he must learn from the mistake fast so he can hone those learnings to be a better linebacker for his team.


In his final college football season, he ended with a whopping 142 tackles and intercepted for the team three times which added a 45-yard advantage. His performance in pro football is expected to excel.


Do you think that Chad Muma will replace Devin Lloyd as the starting linebacker for the rest of the NFL 2022 season? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments below. Remember to be tactful during the conversation and have fun with it!

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