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HAYS BLOG: Shad Khan knows Trevor Lawrence is vital to his next 10 years as Jaguars owner

todayDecember 14, 2021


By Hays Carlyon


Jaguars owner Shad Khan invited reporters on his yacht on Monday to honor requests to discuss his 10-year anniversary of purchasing the team.

Khan covered a variety of topics, but the one that mattered the most to me was how does he view rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the top pick in the draft.

Khan’s tenure as owner has been successful off-the-field in stabilizing the franchise in Jacksonville, but a disaster on it. The Jaguars are 43-117 under Khan, although that does include an AFC Championship Game appearance in the 2017 season.

This season’s 2-11 record has been a massive disappointment.

Lawrence is the key to turning Khan’s record around for the next decade.

The problem is first-year Jaguars coach Urban Meyer looks overmatched, has reportedly alienated many people in the building and frankly appears lost at times.

Lawrence is not being surrounded by players that give him a chance for success and is not being developed by the staff.

Khan appears to be leaning towards retaining Meyer for the 2022 season, but notes that there are still four more games upcoming to review once the season is complete.

Khan needs to fire Meyer because the franchise has already wasted one of Lawrence’s years. It would be malpractice to waste a second.

Lawrence’s numbers are dreadful. He’s completing 58.2 percent of his passes with nine touchdowns and 14 interceptions for a passer rating of 68.9. I believe the eye test tells us the blame shouldn’t go on Lawrence nearly as much as his environment.

The Jaguars have trouble running the right routes, getting separation either by talent or scheme and have been plagued by drops. The offensive line hasn’t held up well either.

Khan needs to ensure Lawrence becomes what many believed he could be coming out of Clemson – a star. But any star needs a functional team around him.

That’s why I wanted to ask Khan about Lawrence’s importance. I was hoping to see that he makes the connection that cultivating the best in Lawrence is worth the money to fire Meyer and go get an NFL-ready head coach.

“I think he’s vital,” Khan said. “I met him on zoom before we drafted him. All I can tell you, I mean football is football, he is even better than advertised. Look at how he’s handled the last week, and I think it’s exemplary. I have nothing but the utmost respect.”

Lawrence has been more vocal lately, speaking up when Meyer foolishly benched running back James Robinson for long stretches in two consecutive games.

Khan also shared another story about Lawrence.

“I’ve got to tell you one thing,” Khan said. “He told me the very first time I met him, there was a lot of stuff hanging around (about would Lawrence want to be a Jaguar) – He said if you pick me, I’m going to retire as a Jaguar. Which was – I hate to say it, nobody’s ever said that to me.”

Lawrence is your future, Shad.

His growth is worth more to you from a business and results standpoint than the hefty contract you’ll have to eat to fire Meyer and his staff.

It must be done.

You can’t waste a talent like Trevor Lawrence.

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Written by: Taylor Doll

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