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LAMM AT LARGE: How much worse can it get for Meyer, Jaguars?

todayDecember 14, 2021


How bad can it get for the Jaguars and their head coach, Urban Meyer?

What’s worse than worst?

It isn’t the losing so much as it is how they lose. It’s  a 2-12 record that stinks to a fan base that expected 7-9 victories with its “perfect” coach and shiny new toy, No. 1 overall draft pick in quarterback Trevor Lawrence. But the Jaguars haven’t even been competitive in most games.

And there’s seemingly been no improvement. The team continues to make same foolish mistakes. Few teams commit more penalties.

And Lawrence is rapidly regressing. When’s the last time he threw a TD pass?

And then there’s Meyer, publicly embarrassing the team, making bad decisions and now being accused by private sources, some attributed to players, of blaming everyone but himself. Former players have accused the team of not trying its best.

Has Urban lost the locker room?

As a highly placed source told me after last Sunday’s 20-0  loss at Tennessee, “There is no way Urban can survive this.”

I agree.

Written by: Taylor Doll

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