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I blame the NFL front office, not the officials, for so many bad calls

todayNovember 22, 2023


I blame the NFL front office, not the officials, for so many bad calls. The most egregious is the roughing the passer rule.


Basically, it says if a defender touches a quarterback dropping back to pass, it’s roughing, a 15-yarder and automatic first down . . . and moral killer. I know the league wants to protect its most valuable and expensive players, but at what cost?


Numerous games are decided by roughing the passer penalties when the QB felt little contact. Last Sunday, K’Lavon Chaisson was flagged for roughing Titans QB Will Levis. It was ridiculous. Levis was backing up as fast as he could and out of the pocket when Chaisson hit him and landed on top. Immediately out came the yellow.


The Titans scored on a long pass the very next play. Fortunately for the Jaguars, it didn’t matter because the Jaguars won big.


But I have seen such horrible calls flip momentum and determine games. I’m not saying the league has put skirts on quarterbacks — they get knocked around pretty good — but they have made life overly difficult for pass rushers.

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