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I used to love college basketball

todayJanuary 23, 2024


I used to love college basketball. My greatest thrill as a preteen was watching my Tar Heels beat Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain on a 12-inch TV in 1957.


I followed the sport religiously for the next 40 years. I knew the starting lineups for every ACC team and could reel off the nation’s top 40 players.


Then everything changed. I’m not blaming anyone, but the top high school players went straight to the NBA. Those who went to school seldom stayed for more than one year.


Now, I can’t name more than 5-6 players nationally and only by their last names. I can’t even recite the starting lineups of Florida, FSU, UNF or JU.


Yes, I still fill out a tournament bracket, but I constantly switch channels and look for final results.


It’s not the same.

Written by: 1010admin

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