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Jacksonville by the Numbers – Bingo!

todayMay 9, 2023


Jacksonville by the Numbers – Bingo!


2022 ended up being a very positive and productive year for Jacksonville. As well as beating the Titans twice, including the regular season finale that got them into the playoffs, they erased a 27 point deficit against the Chargers. Although they went out to the Chiefs in the divisional round, the Jags hung tough with the eventual Superbowl champions and could have won the game if not for some untimely miscues.  

The five-game winning streak at the end of the regular season suggests that the team is finally beginning to mesh after a difficult year. Indeed, the inconsistencies of 2022/23 were echoed by the Trevor Lawrence performance against the Chargers which was effectively a microcosm of the entire season. Although he started out badly with those four interceptions, he eventually came-good by throwing four touchdowns to match. 

So how does 2023 look?


Offseason Moves

Although the Jags lost Jawaan Taylor in free agency, they picked up WR Calvin Ridley from Atlanta. Steps were also taken to strengthen the offensive line by bringing back Josh Wells despite a brief flirtation with Cameron Fleming. The thinking is that Wells will take the role of swing tackle. 

The draft saw the Jags pick up offensive tackle, Anton Harrison. As well as providing additional protection for Trevor Lawrence, Harrison will need to fill in for Cam Robinson due to his impending suspension.

Offensive depth was addressed with the drafting of running back Tank Bigsby and tight-end Brenton Strange. Bigsby will likely line up as running back two or three behind Etienne, while Strange will probably be used as a blocking tight-end. 

Efforts were also made to shore up the secondary with the addition of cornerback Christian Braswell as well as safeties Antonio Johnson and Erick Hallett II. Unfortunately the pass rush wasn’t addressed – this is becoming a pressing issue given that Josh Allen will probably be departing at the end of the season.  

Regardless, 2023 promises to be a positive year for Jacksonville, with many experts picking them as division champs. 


Jacksonville Jaguars Bingo

To further enhance your viewing pleasure during the 2023 season, we’ve created Jacksonville Jaguar game day bingo cards. Although not the most obvious companion to any NFL showdown, they’re actually really well-suited to watch parties and game day get-togethers. 


How to Play Jaguars Bingo

Instead of numbers, each bingo card contains events and occurrences that will likely play out during any given game. Like traditional bingo, the goal is to mark off all or the most items to win. Simple!

They’re also fully customizable. So if you’d like to replace our pre-filled terms with your own, just add them to the box provided. 


How to Customize our Bingo Cards

Once you’re satisfied with them, hit ‘generate bingo cards’. You’ll then be able to choose how many cards you want to print. You can select up to 20 here, or enter a custom number. Alternatively, you can rely on your friends to print out their own bingo card. Just enter their emails and click invite. They’ll receive their bingo card instantly. 

Here’s to a successful 2023/24 season!

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