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LAMM AT LARGE: Cleveland’s Controversial New QB

todayMarch 23, 2022

If I rooted for the Browns, I wouldn’t be bothered by the $230 million they gave Deshaun Watson. The NFL  makes so much money you’d think it has its own printing press.
I would be bothered by the Browns taking such a chance on their future by giving up so much to sign a quarterback, albeit an elite one, who hasn’t played since 2020 with no guarantee when he’ll be allowed to return to the field.
The second Watson was assured he wasn’t going to prison, suitors began lining up to make offers for him. But Watson still faces 22 charges of sexual assault and a final ruling by the NFL commissioner. How long can these investigations take?
Considering Commissioner Roger Goodell’s zero tolerance for abuse of women, you’d think Watson will sit for at least another 6-8 games.
The Browns mortgaged maybe five years of their future by making  a huge bet on what’s comparable to hitting 16 in Black Jack.

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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