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LAMM AT LARGE: It’s The End of The Old Timers

todayApril 22, 2022

When Reggie Jackson was asked why he was still playing in his 40s, he replied, “Know anywhere else I can make a million dollars?”
Nowadays, most players in the major sports are making at least a million bucks.
That’s why I think we’re seeing the end of an era. Athletes today make millions of dollars and are financially set for life by their mid-30s, many earlier than that.
So why go through the grind of staying in shape year-round and battling against much younger athletes?
The list of older players gets shorter each year. Tom Brady 45, Albert Pujols 42, Adam Wainwright 42, Nelson Cruz 41 are among the the last of their ilk. Even in golf fewer and fewer 40-plus players play the weekly grind on the PGA Tour.
That’s why records set because of longevity may last forever. So much money so early can satisfy even the best.

Written by: 1010admin

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