LAMM AT LARGE: It’s Time To End The Watson Nightmare

todayAugust 9, 2022

Why is the NFL dragging its feet on on making a final decision on Deshaun Watson?
Because it’s obvious the league wants Watson suspended for the entire season. The league is clearly sensitive — perhaps scared — of public and media opinion. That opinion is Watson’s alleged abuse of 24 women deserves double major punishment. The NFL doesn’t want women protesters at games or in front of its New York City headquarters.
The NFL already hired an independent arbitrator, a retired female federal judge, to  look at its investigation and make ruling. When she suggested a 6-game suspension, the NFL appealed her ruling and immediately asked someone else to make the decision.
Why doesn’t the NFL end this nonsense and sit Watson for a year? Maybe because it knows Watson already has missed an entire season based on the assumption of his guilt. Remember, two Texas grand juries would not call for Watson being charged criminally.
It’s past time for this WOKE circus to end.

Written by: 1010admin

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