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LAMM AT LARGE: Spring Football Is Back

todayApril 14, 2022

I haven’t talked to anyone who’s expressed the slightest bit of interest  the new spring pro football league, which kicks off Saturday night in Birmingham.
Like them, I probably won’t watch more than a few minutes. Unlike them, I don’t dismiss the latest edition of the USFL. That’s because I remember vividly 38 years ago when Jacksonville was given a franchise in the original USFL.
For you newbees to the First Coast that’s when the idea of Jacksonville getting an NFL franchise was a wild dream and scoffed at by most of the world.
Many of us on the First Coast loved the Bulls and watching such stars as Herschel Walker, Jimmy Kelly and Reggie White.
The new USFL is far different from USFL1. While teams in the new 8-team league represent Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and Birmingham, ALL games will be played in Birmingham.
That may be too much football for even football-crazed Birmingham.

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