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LAMM AT LARGE: Summer is Here

todayJune 1, 2022

Summer does ‘t officially start until June 21, but in America we know it really starts Memorial Day weekend.
The kids are out of school, your electric bills go up and everything in Maine doubles in price..
This a terrible time for can’t-live-without football fans, and I know most of you are. Training camps do open in late July and then there are those intense practices/exhibitions the NFL calls preseason games. If you’re desperate, there is the USFL and Canadian League.
 But I’m here to cheer you up if you’re willing. Think of the summer as a great time for most every other sport.
The NHL and the NBA are in their Championship Finals.
Golf is in the meat of its season with the U.S. Open in two weeks, followed by the British Open and then the PGA Tour playoffs.
Tennis has its two biggies, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
And MLB and NASCAR will be  reaching the stretch runs of their seasons.
Great time to play golf and tennis and go fishing if you can handle the heat.
Throw in some boxing and UFC fights and before you know it the Rams will be hosting the Bills in the NFL Kickoff Game on Sept. 8 — which is still officially summer.

Written by: 1010admin

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