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LAMM AT LARGE: The Jags are Heading The Right Direction

todayAugust 24, 2022

When the Jaguars released Malcolm Brown last week, I was surprised, even a bit shocked.
Why would a struggling franchise release an above-average player with a relatively salary cap hit?
The only answer is because Coach Doug Pederson felt the young, inexpensive players below Brown on the depth chart were just as good.
That’s a positive step, one the better teams can afford to do.
No, I’m not saying the Jaguars are one of the better teams. But I am saying they’re showing signs of improvement if Pederson knows what he was doing. I think he does.
Improvement in the NFL can happen quickly, but it can also be a slow process, getting better piece by piece.
Throw in the prospect of QB Trevor Lawrence improving, the addition of Travis Etienne and better coaching and the Jaguars are heading in the right direction and, who knows? The 2022 Jaguars could surprise a lot of us.

Written by: 1010admin

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