LAMM AT LARGE : The Jaguars Continue To Rebuild

todayFebruary 24, 2022

Now that Jaguars Coach Doug Pederson has completed his coaching staff, his attention turns to free agency and, yes, the draft.
The question isn’t what the Jaguars need, it’s what don’t the Jaguars need?
Maybe with the exception of quarterback Trevor Lawrence, they have a roster of support players, but no stars, no difference-makers.
They don’t have to gut the roster, but they need a major upgrade at every position.
I’d start with offensive tackle. Maybe take Evian Neal with the first pick? They need a better-than-average tight end and at least two wide receivers. James Robinson needs help at running back.
They need a dominant pass rusher. Maybe Aidan Hutchinson? They need a savvy middle linebacker with speed. An upgrade at safety.
And maybe Aaron Donald’s younger brother — if he has one.
They need a killer draft, not a draft that kills their future.
The Jaguars’ rebuild, I’m afraid, isn’t a one-year project.

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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