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LAMM AT LARGE: The LIV Tour Is Here and It’s All About The Money

todayJune 9, 2022

Critics of the USGA for allowing Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and anyone else exempt for next week’s U.S. Open need the hit the brakes. The Open is open for anyone who qualifies, not just PGA Tour players.
Players come from all over the world, from Tours that represent practically every country, many of which violate human rights by our standards
DJ, Lefty and several others have simply said wanted to play elsewhere and the PGA Tour said no. Keep in mind while their decisions aren’t popular with most American golf fans, this in America, the land of the free.
I think if those critics looked at where all the money comes from for many of our major sports, including soccer, they’d be surprised by ownership and locations of play. Many PGA Tour players make a lot of money playing throughout the Middle East.
For the record, I wish DJ, Lefty, Louis Ossthuizen, Kevin Na, Taylor Gooch and others would have stuck with the PGA Tour. I’m a golf purist, but not to the extent of denying players their right to play where they want. too.
And, yes, this is all about the money.

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