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LAMM AT LARGE: Video game offense is here to stay in college football

todayOctober 12, 2021

Before you round up a mob and gather the tar and feathers to run your school’s defensive coordinator out of town, take a look around. No one plays defense anymore.
Ok, the Georgia Bulldogs are an anomaly, maybe Iowa, too, but what other major schools can stop anybody?
I looked at the top 50 games from last weekend and the numbers were mind-boggling. Three schools scored 48 or more points, and LOST. In all, 10 teams scored 31 points or more and lost. Two games featured more than 100 points, 5 games more than 80, 5 games more than 70 and 9 games more than 60.
The spread offense and the rules-makers get the credit. The game’s leaders knew more offense meant more TV viewers and that’s what they got. We live in a video game world. Grandpas can hardly relate.
Go easy on your beleaguered DC. Defensively, 30 is the new 10.

Written by: 1010admin

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