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LAMM AT LARGE: We have Turmoil in CFB

todayJuly 7, 2022

College football has never experienced such turmoil as it is right now.
Teams are switching conferences faster than ever, The SEC has swelled to 16 teams after robbing the Big 12 of its two marque teams, Oklahoma and Texas. Bet ya can’t name all 16 teams without Google.
The Big 10 also has increased to 16 teams, robbing the Pac-12 of its biggest TV market. The conference now literally stretches from coast to coast.
Can the ACC keep up? It has 14 teams now and could be eyeing UCF. Maybe Memphis or Houston unless they join the Big 12, which is down to 8 teams.
Where does the Pac-12 look now that it’s down to 10 teams? BYU? Houston? Memphis?
Can the Big 12 survive with only 8 teams? Will it compete with other conferences for UCF, Houston and Memphis. What about Notre Dame, now loosely tied to the ACC?
It seems difficult with all the changes not to expand the 4-team playoff. Much depends on all of the TV deals. Got all that?

Written by: 1010admin

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