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LAMM AT LARGE: Why Can’t Baker Find A Job?

todayApril 19, 2022

Why can’t Baker Mayfield find a job in the NFL? He is a top-15-20 quarterback.
Why? Because he  wants too much money.
He thinks he deserves top money because of the silly, stupid way the NFL conducts business. Mayfield thinks he’s worth more than the last starting QB received. Mayfield had his moments, but after 4 years he wasn’t better than he was as a rookie 4 years ago.
But he’s seeking money in the Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes range. Dak Prescott got it. So did Deshaun Watson, who’s mired in legal issues and hasn’t played in 2 years.
Baker needs to be realistic. Lower his salary expectations. If be, settle for a back-up job with a franchise with shaky QB play. Houston, New Orleans and Carolina come to mind.
And when opportunity knocks, seize the moment.

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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