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LAMM AT LARGE: Women in Sports Deserve Fair Pay

todayJune 29, 2022

Title IX is a wonderful thing. I supported it back in the ’70s through my columns at the Greensboro Daily News, much to the angst of many of my of my readers.
It still strongly support it. It’s still to right thing to do. Girls deserve equal treatment with the boys. That means equal facilities, equipment and coaching.
My support of Title IX extends to college, although I don’t think football should be part of the equation.
Where I disagree is at the professional level. At the pro level it isn’t about fairest. Its business. The sports that attract the bigger crowds and largest TV audiences should rule.
That doesn’t mean the men deserve a bigger piece of the pie. Women’s tennis is a perfect example why the women deserve equal pay. So is women’s soccer. They match the same or more interest as the men. But the NBA, for example, blows away the WNBA in interest.
Girls and women athletes have come along way in the 50 years since Title IX was made a law. That’s a very good thing.

Written by: 1010admin

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