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My final thoughts on FSU’s season

todayJanuary 4, 2024


My final thoughts on FSU’s season:


It’s a shame America didn’t get to see the real FSU team. It’s a shame the Seminoles were embarrassed on national TV and that’s what most fans, certainly casual fans, will remember.


The team that went 13-0 and won the ACC championship wasn’t chosen for the four-team CFP. As a result nearly 30 players did not suit up for the Orange Bowl. It was a combination of injuries, entering the transfer portal and NFL-bound players avoiding possible injuries.


The Noles lost 62-3 to Georgia, probably the nation’s best team. FSU played without its top two quarterbacks, two best running backs, three best receivers and several top defensive players.


What team could survive so many losses? How could any team play with much spunk? Most non-CFP teams had some key players opt out of bowl games, but nothing like FSU.


Obviously, something needs to be done. Having 12 CFP teams next year will help.


But what about all the other bowl games?

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