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The Jacksonville Jaguars should play home games in Daytona during stadium renovations

todayJune 15, 2023


Before the Jaguars make a decision on where to play their home games while TIAA Field is being rebuilt, they need to do two things:


1. Poll every season ticket holder and see where they want the games played;

2. Find out how eager the possible locations are to host the games for two years.


There have been six temporary hosts mentioned.


My thoughts:


Gainesville is too big a Gator town. A lot of Jaguars fans love the Gators as well. Think about a Saturday night Gator game followed by a Sunday afternoon Jaguars game. That’s tough and costly if a fan tries to attend both games.. Something has to give. I think the Jaguars lose that battle to the Gators.


Tallahassee is simply too far.


Orlando is a huge Tampa Bay Bucs town, plus it’s too far..


UNF and the Baseball Grounds would need millions of dollars of renovations. Who pays the bills?


That leaves my choice, Daytona International Speedway. It’s reasonably close and knows how to handle 100,000 fans. The Jaguars are the closest NFL team and have developed a good following. Add a few grandstands, a couple of large scoreboards and build a field in the infield. It’s been done before. The Speedway and Daytona Beach likely would help foot the bill.


But again, first and foremost find out what the fans want.

Written by: 1010admin

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