Dawuane Smoot’s future with the Jaguars

todayFebruary 13, 2023


Dawuane Smoot, a defensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars, tore his Achilles during the team’s 19-3 victory over the New York Jets and was expected to miss the rest of the season. Smoot posted a confirmation of the news on his Instagram page. Smoot was selected by the Jaguars in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and over the previous four seasons, the lineman has been a mainstay on the defense. Smoot got a two-year contract deal in the 2021 offseason after recording 99 total tackles and 22.5 sacks since the start of the 2019 season. Josh Allen and Smoot tied for the team-high in 2022 with five sacks each.

Smoot was a key player for the Jaguars

Defensive tackle Dawuane Smoot received an MRI after sustaining what seemed to be a foot injury. Coach Doug Pederson of the Jaguars provided no update on the exam. On the game’s final defensive play, Smoot suffered an injury and had to be helped off the field.


Travon Walker was out due to an ankle injury he sustained in Week 14 against the Tennessee Titans, thus he replaced him and played 41 of 59 defensive snaps (69 percent). Before his untimely injury, Smoot had participated in every game this season as a defensive line rotation player. He’s made 21 tackles, racked up five sacks, caused a turnover, and recovered a fumble.

What were the projections for Dawuane Smoot?

Smoot was a rookie in 2017 and was drafted as the 68th pick in the Third Round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He immediately demonstrated a strong football IQ after graduating from college and departing Illinois, ranking second in the Big 10 for pressures. On a squad with depth, pressure is equally as valuable as a sack.


Smoot had a big ceiling, and everybody is aware of how difficult it is for a rookie to enter the league and be completely competitive. He was backed up by the top defensive line in the NFL, so he did not exactly blow everyone away. A couple of Dawuane’s advantages include his quickness and hip flexibility. He can catch any ball carrier with a respectable 4.77 forty-time. However, you must wait for him to cross the line of scrimmage before you can witness his speed in action. With Calais Campbell has been in his corner, it was thought that he would excel at his craft because technical flaws typically disappear with repetitions, strength training, and fitness.


Smoot’s first flaw is that he takes a little longer to get going than other players, and he occasionally pauses during pass rushes. His first offseason was spent primarily working on his foundation, core, and building strength by essentially living in the gym. Man-to-man confrontations, rip techniques, remaining low, and pushing his feet are a few major areas where he will be judged on how well he has improved in his second season.


He can run quicker than any lineman, run blockers, and compete head-to-head with backs rushing up the field by using this talent, which makes him a great rusher once he gathers momentum. His football IQ, cunning, and speed make up a triple threat, and it appeared that he will soon catch up to stars. His game improved over the years, making sure his team won on occasion, which became an advantage for bettors.


Naturally, this is something many have continued to consider as sports betting has continued to evolve across the US and become more accessible to punters. One state that has only recently permitted online sports wagering is Ohio, where Smoot was born and grew up.


Fans who are supportive of their own have only just started to be able to follow him on the gridiron in a new way by way of sports betting. For many, they are able to use a variety of available Ohio Sportsbook Promo Codes in order to bet on him and the Jaguars with each game that is played, thus adding some interest to his performances.


However, is he a good option for those that would be considering whether or not to place wagers on the defensive end in the upcoming season should he stay at the Jaguars or end up elsewhere?

Smoot had a solid year

By the end of the season, if he maintained his current rate of production—five sacks through nine games—he would have amassed a massive point tally. Smoot lead the team in sacks after a two-sack outing and was on track to record his first career-high in double digits. It could not have come at a better time since he is now in the second year of a two-year, $10 million contract and is set to become an unrestricted free agency in March. Despite having stated that he would have preferred to sign an extension with the Jaguars, he was not worried about that until the season was concluded.


Smoot was the Jaguars’ pass rusher who was most productive at the beginning of the season. Josh Allen, an outside linebacker, received less pressure on the quarterback position than he did, but he still recorded more sacks than Allen despite playing fewer defensive snaps overall and fewer pass-rush snaps.


After going two seasons without registering a sack, Smoot has been extremely consistent over the last three or more: six sacks in 2019–2020, 5.5 in 2020–21, six in 2021/22, and five at the beginning of the 2022–23 season. He was aware that the more points he scores this year in his restricted playing time, the better his possible deal might be.

What is Duawane Smoot’s future with the Jaguars?

After rupturing the Achilles tendon in his right leg, Smoot was told he will be sidelined for the rest of the season.


Jacksonville placed Smoot and imposing starting offensive tackle Cam Robinson on injured reserve after the latter sustained a knee injury two Sundays prior during an overtime win over Dallas Cowboys at home.


Since Smoot’s first season in 2017, the Jaguars wouldn’t have advanced to the postseason if they had not won their final two games. Smoot continued by saying he intended to continue working with the group. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the public for all the messages of encouragement and support he received in the wake of his injuries.


As highlighted, Smoot is in the final year of his contract, and he has the opportunity to go into free agency when his contract is over. It is uncertain if the Jaguars will renew his contract when he is back from his injury, but his stats speak for him and just how good he can be for the team when fit and healthy.


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