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Getting suspended for a full season for gambling is stupid

todayAugust 1, 2023


I’ve interviewed thousands of athletes in my journalistic career. The vast majority have been bright, polite and reasonably well-spoken.


But, sadly, there are exceptions. Some don’t have the academic skills to be in college. I’ve interviewed a few who could barely speak the English language. I’ve interviewed a few “bad actors” who couldn’t stay out of trouble, misdemeanors and felonies.


And I’ve interviewed a few who were stupid.


I’m going to put the 10 NFL players who been suspended for a full season in recent months for gambling in that category.


Players are constantly drilled about gambling. Experts are brought in by every school and pro team to educate and warn the players about the punishment for betting on any games. The players are constantly reminded: DO NOT GAMBLE.


And yet in the last several months 10 players have lost a season and how much that costs them for gambling.


It actually gets worse. One NFL assistant coach, the Jets’ wide receiver coach Miles Austin, was also recently suspended for making bets.



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