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LAMM AT LARGE: Baseball is Changing

todayMarch 14, 2022

I grew up a baseball purist and for years considered April 6, 1973 as the day my favorite sport died.
The Yankees’ Ron Blomberg stepped into the batters box in the first inning with the bases loaded against the Red Sox. He drew a walk on 5 pitches. And the designated hitter became a reality in the American League.
I was crushed. Real baseball involves sacrifice bunts, double switches. Managers had to think, make tough decisions. Pitchers had to work on hitting as well as hitters.
Time heals most wounds. As time went by I couldn’t understand why the National League didn’t adopt the DH, making the game the same in both leagues.
That changes this season, 49 years after Blomberg became part of baseball trivia.
That means Albert Pujols may play another year. The Braves may get more production from Adam Duval. Nelson Cruz could continue hitting homers into his mid-40s.
Who will be the next David Ortiz or Edgar Martinez?

Written by: Dylan Ryan

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