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LAMM AT LARGE: Baseball Isn’t The Same

todayJuly 14, 2022

I keep telling everyone what a big baseball fan I am. I do love the sport going back to my childhood. I vividly remember the thrill I got when I got a Mays or Mantle or Kaline card for my penny. I also remember how bad the bubble gum was that came with the card.
Now I fear I’m a fraud.
I was anxious for the MLB all-stars to be named. But much to my surprise I didn’t recognize a third of the names on the list. I counted 20 players I’d recognize if they walked in my door. There was another15 to 20 names I knew.
But with another 20-plus names, I drew a blank. They could be international soccer players, golfers, tennis players or members of Brazil’s Olympic basketball team.
How could that be for someone who’d rather watch a baseball game than an NFL game. We talk about how golf and basketball have become global sports.
You can add baseball to that list much to my sorrow.

Written by: 1010admin

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