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LAMM AT LARGE: First Round of the NFL Draft

todayApril 26, 2023


Most of the Jaguars fans’ attention is focused on the 1st round of the NFL draft. It’s the same throughout the league.


But the difference between winning and losing, between remaining in the upper half of the league, is determined how teams do later in the draft, down to the 7th round.


WR Jimmy Smith, MLB Mike Peterson, C Brad Meester, RB Maurice Jones-Drew and CB Rashean Mathis were all 2nd-round picks. DE Rob Meier and S Marlen McCree were 7th-round selections.


Point is teams can get quality players after all the hoopla of day 1 is over. Picking players in rounds 3-7 is where the good or bad work comes in from GM Trent Ballke and staff.


I love day one as much as anyone but I’ve learned there are a lot of good players right down to the end . . . and then there are those undrafted players your team signs.

Written by: 1010admin

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