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LAMM AT LARGE: Great college coaches beat who they’re supposed to

todayOctober 5, 2021


When you look back at the careers of great college football coaches — such as FSU’s Bobby Bowden and Florida’s Steve Spurrier — one thing they have in common is they rarely, if ever, lost to teams they were expected to beat.

Now look at the current Gators coach, Dan Mullen, who has rebuilt Florida into a program aspiring to return to elite status. He keeps coming close and then there’s a head- scratching loss.

Losing twice to Kentucky; getting blown out at home by Missouri; seeing playoff hopes die against a struggling LSU team.

Saturday’s 20-13 loss at Kentucky was an embarrassingly sloppy loss. The Gators were guilty of 15 penalties, 8 of them because of early movement by the offense. Throw in the other 7 penalties, plus missed tackles, a blocked field goals returned for a TD and an interception and . . . well, dreams of  another glorious season came crashing down.

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