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LAMM AT LARGE: Hard to stay bad in NFL

todayDecember 22, 2021


The way the NFL is set up, the rich don’t get richer. Or at least they shouldn’t.

The late commissioner Pete Rozelle once joked — well, I thought he was joking — the perfect season would be every team finishing the season at .500. That’s why the better you are, the worse draft pick you get. That’s why the salary cap was implemented.

This may be hard for Jaguars fans to swallow, but Rozelle’s master plan has worked pretty well. In this century, 14 different teams have won Super Bowls. Another seven  franchises have played in a Super Bowl. Only Detroit and Cincinnati haven’t made a playoff appearance.

The Jaguars have made the playoffs three times since 2005. Only their outstanding 2017 season — 10 regular and two playoff victories — sticks out.

Awful high draft picks, a string of bad coaches and some miserable general managers spell doom for any franchise, and that’s what the Jaguars are going through right now.  That’s why they’re having to start over — again. Barring an upset win in their final three games, the Jaguars will get the No. 1 draft pick for the second straight year.

That’s not what Rozelle had in mind.

Written by: Taylor Doll

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